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Pagination - Response#

GET response body can be returned with pagination to avoid the excessive quantity of data to be requested at once.

Pagination object will always be under the key paginator

"number": "The Current page, default=1",
"next_page_number": "The Next page number or null",
"previous_page_number": "The Previous page number or null",
"paginator": {
"num_pages": "The total numbers of pages"
"has_next": "Boolean if there is a next page",
"has_previous": "Boolean if there is a previous page"

Full Body Example:

"count": 100,
"data": [
"success": true,
"pagination": {
"number": 1,
"next_page_number": 2,
"previous_page_number": null,
"paginator": {
"num_pages": 10
"has_next": true,
"has_previous": false

Pagination - Parameters#

In the URL Parameters, you can add those values to manipulate the pagination object.

  • page
  • limit


# To get the second page
# To change the count of element in one page (20/page)
# You can mix those (20/page, second page)