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3 - Manual deployment

Once the previous steps completed, you now have an API token, an application with a version that you can deploy. Let’s first try to deploy your game using the dashboard. That’s not how a production environment would deploy each instance but this is a good way for you to test your image and the whole call-flow.

If you followed the steps, you are here, in the applications list.


You can click directly on deploy. It will bring you to the deployment wizard. You can also click on “Summary“ in the navigation sidebar and the “Create a Deployment“ on the top right.


The Deployment wizard will show up.


First, select your app and version.

Enter how many players you want to have in your deployment and their general location. This simply generates a list of random IPs to simulate players.

The wizard displays the simulated request that will be sent to Codema API. It is the actual JSON request that your matchmaker will send to Arbitrium. Feel free to modify it. Just be sure that the application and version exist. Otherwise, you will get an error. Then click “Deploy“ to create your deployment.

You now have an application running! You can view the players' location, the selected access point, the URL for your game server and more.


Now that your application is running in Edgegap, you can either automate this process by modifying your matchmaker to send a request to our API, or you can use an existing matchmaker to send those requests.