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Matchmaker Integration

Common call-flow (no game server registration)#

The following diagram shows one potential integration between a matchmaker and Arbitrium. If you've integrated your matchmaker with Agones, request an instance from a fleet, like this. Don't worry; the flow remains the same.


Our services only start game components (servers, relays) once needed. There is no need to register, pre-start or warm up your game servers. You can remove this portion of your matchmaker and simplify your rules mechanism. You can also remove the rules around latency and enforce region since Arbitrium will pick the best location based on match context.

Web sequence#

You can edit the call-flow using the web sequence website and the following info (cut & paste in the web page).

title Matchmaker | Edgegap - Relay Flow
Players->StudioMatchMaker: Let's play
StudioMatchMaker-->StudioMatchMaker: Searching for players that match requester profile
StudioMatchMaker->Arbitrium: POST /v1/deploy (players IP list, game version, webhook)
Arbitrium->DNS: Create Temporary FQDN
Arbitrium->StudioMatchMaker: Return MatchID, FQDN
StudioMatchMaker->Players: Return Match info
Arbitrium->GeoIP service: Request players locations
GeoIP service-->Arbitrium: Players Longitude and Latitude
Arbitrium->Arbitrium: List potential edges for this match
Arbitrium->Edge (Telemetry Probes): Request live telemetry from selected sites
loop Probe Agent API
Waiting for Probe reply or Timeout (GeoIP based telemetry)
Edge (Telemetry Probes)->Players: Live tests on Ping, Jitter, Drop...
Edge (Telemetry Probes)-->Arbitrium: Return telemetry measurement
Arbitrium-->+Edge (gameserver): Deploy game server (public ip, port)
Arbitrium->Edge (gameserver): Validate the server is up and running
Arbitrium->DNS: Update IP on FQDN
Edge (gameserver)<->Players: Crypto Key Discovery
Players->Players: Create socket
Edge (gameserver)<->Players: Secure connection establishment