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Application Management

Application Creation#

Refer to Step 2: Create your game’s profile.

Application Details#

To view all your applications, click on “Applications & Games” on the navigation sidebar. To view the application more in detail, click on the “Details“ button or on the row itself.

To deactivate the possibility of deploying an application, uncheck the “Active” field. This action will make it impossible to deploy this application.


You may deploy it, delete it, and manage the version on the application details page. Furthermore, you can change his name by clicking on the small pencil icon. Don’t forget that name must be unique among all your applications.


Application version#

To create a new version for your application, click on “Create new version. “ You will need to fill a form similar to the one you filled up on the app creation, but without the application name and the image. You will notice that this form will automatically have the most recent updated version. Feel free to modify it entirely.


To see details of an application version, click on “Details“ in the application version list as seen above. You can manage your version ports and environment variables and delete the version from this page. To modify the information of this version, click on “Update Version. “


The form below is the one that our dashboard will display. It is similar to the other application forms.