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Match Management

Match Deployment#

Refer to Step 3: Manually create a deployment for the manual deployment details. During the deployment phase, multiple statuses will appear.

Arbitrium is creating the deployment.
Arbitrium is fetching information about the IP list provided.
Arbitrium is scanning for the best and fastest location available for all players ready for a match.
Arbitrium deploys the application or game server on a location access point.
The game is deployed, and the match started. Let’s play!
Something went wrong with the request.

Deployment List#

To see the list of all your current deployments, click on “Live Deployments” on the navigation sidebar. To view the deployment details, click on the “Request ID” button. You can see the fully qualified domain name (FQDN).


You have access to some filters in your deployments list. You can filter by Application, Status or Tags. You can also directly search for a specific deployment with the “Request ID”. Each filter must be applied individually with the magnifying glass icon on the right of each filter, but they can stack.

So if you want for example all deployment of “speedtest-demo” with the tag “demo” you got to apply the application filter and then apply the tag filter.

You can search with multiple tags (comma separated) e.g. “demo,example”. It will show the deployment matching all the tags in the search. So if you have a deployment with tags “demo” and “example” and another one with only “demo”, only the first one will show up.

If you want to reset and come back to all your deployments, simply click on the “Reset Filters” button on the right side.

Deployment Details#

On the deployment details page, you have access to all current information about your deployment. You can also see the telemetry graph associated if telemetry is activated for this version. You also have access to the deployment platform logs, metrics and container logs.

You can stop your deployment with the button in the top right corner. Be careful; it will stop ongoing matches, and players won't be able to connect to the server anymore.

You can also add a tag to your deployment with the “Add Tag” button in the upper right corner.

You can protect a deployment, so it won't be possible to delete it until you unprotect it.

You can also signal a problem with your deployment with the "Signal a Problem" button.

To see the list and details of terminated deployments, refer to this section Matches History .