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Deployment scaling manager

What it is?#

The "deployment scaling manager" (or horizontal deployment scaler) is an abstract entity that you can setup in the Session configuration.

A new instance would be created for "normal" (Default) application versions every time a request is made. Still, this behaviour would not make sense with sessions as you want to connect multiple sessions to the same deployment.

The "deployment scaling manager" allows you to automate the management of your deployments so that you only have to create and delete sessions as your players come and go.

What it does?#

  • Automatically creates a new deployment when a certain capacity threshold is reached on the currently running deployments.
  • Allows always to have a minimum number of deployments ready to receive sessions.
  • It makes it possible to set a maximum number of simultaneous deployments.
  • It is bound to a region, so it allows controlling the number of servers running in a given region at any time.

How it helps?#

Below are a few examples of how it can be helpful to you:

  • It can save you money.
    By setting a maximum number of deployments, along with an acceptable threshold, you can be sure that a new deployment will be made only when necessary and only up to the maximum number set.
  • It can improve the user's experience.
    The threshold allows you to control the density on the servers. Take a survival game, for example. Some people might prefer very dense servers, while others would prefer a fresh experience. With a lower threshold, you could make sure a new server spawns whenever the last one becomes too crowded so players can choose a more or less populated server, according to their preferences.
  • It makes your life easier.
    Once correctly set up, along with a reasonable empty time to live, the deployments will be created and terminated as the users join and leave the servers, and you won't even have to think about it! Connect and disconnect the sessions, and there will always be just the right amount of servers waiting.

Deployment scaling manager configuration?#

When setting up your session parameters, you can create a deployment scaling manager.


You will be presented a form with the following fields:

Location type
The type of location the manager will be managing. This allows you to manage the available servers for the users at different scales. Regions can be defined with the Edgegap team to create locations that suit your needs. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need assistance.

Remember : The different location types and values are unaware of each other, so if you set a minimum number of deployments or 4 for the country of "Canada" and 2 for the city of "Montreal", you will have a total of 6 minimum deployments in Canada, because there is no notion of which city is in which country, for example. This applies to all location types.

Location value
For a given location type, you need to select a value. These values are automatically loaded based on the locations available to you. It might be that some location types have no available values.

Minimum number deployments
For the specified region, the minimum number of deployments there should be at any given time. Even if there are no users connected, Arbitrium will ensure the specified amount of deployments are ready.

Warning : This implies that deployments will be made even if no users are connected, which impacts the cost of the service. We recommend tuning the minimum number of deployments and the empty time to live according to the size of the player base to avoid unwanted costs while maintaining availability to your servers.

Maximum number of deployments
For a specified region, ensures there will never be more than the specified amount of deployments running at a given time. This field is optional.

The ratio of used capacity at which a new deployment should be made. When no running deployment is under this threshold, a new deployment will be made, if the maximum number of deployments has not yet been reached.