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You can manage your applications and deployments from a single entity through an Organization.

An Organization will allow you to create, read and delete at the same level as your main Account. But all resources made under your Account won't be available in the Organization. All Billing will be done to the Owner of the Organization

The Organization Menu will be available at the top-right menu of your user interface or in the dropdown in the navbar.



Create an Organization#

You can create a new Organization by clicking the Create New Organization button and picking a unique name. You cannot own two organizations with the same name.


Manage an Organization#

Only the Owner can remove members or Delete the Organization.

Once you have created your Organization, you can click on the Details button or the name of the Organization to access details about it.


You can Invite a User through their email. They can then access their invitation through the Organization Menu. Please note the user must have an Arbitrium Account first before receiving the invitation.


Once you have members in your Organization, you can give admin access to them with the button Give Admin Rights. It will allow them to invite people to your Organization. They won't be able to remove users or delete the Organization.

Organization View#

Entering the Organization View will change the current user you are using to the Organization. When you are in Organization View, you can create any resources (API Token, Applications, Deployments, etc.) for the Organization. You can think of an Organization as a regular User.

You can enter in Organization view with the navbar directly.


You cannot log out or change your password while under Organization View. You must exit the View first to access your Regular Account.


Deleting an Organization#

Only the Owner can achieve such action.

By deleting the Organization, you will delete all resources and authorizations. All new Deployments will not work anymore. If you delete an Organization by mistake, don't hesitate to contact your Edgegap Representative. We can roll back this operation