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TLS (Beta)


Arbitrium allows upgrading standard HTTP and Websocket (WS) Connection dynamically without the need to add new code to your application. It will enable you to inject a sidecar proxy container along with your Deployment and steer the traffic through this connection without exposing your regular port while upgrading the connection to HTTPS or Websocket Secure (WSS).

How it works#

This feature is available only for HTTP and WS application ports in Arbitrium. Our platform will generally handle all other types like TCP/UDP/HTTPS/WSS without the sidecar.

When you activate at least one TLS Upgrade in the Port list, Arbitrium will deploy a mini sidecar proxy with dynamic port mapping and will send all the traffic in your internal port mapping for ports that require a TLS Upgrade.

The certificate used will be signed accordingly with the FQDN generated for the Deployment in question and can be trusted.

Currently, we do not support the possibility to add your certificate in Arbitrium to use with the TLS Upgrade, but this is in the works.

How to Upgrade a Connection#

When creating an app version, you will see a new option when selecting HTTP or WS Protocol. Activate the TLS Upgrade, and all the existing deployments will map the ports correctly.


This upgrade will add a small proxy container running along with your application, and only Ports that have the TLS Upgrade option will be Upgraded. Arbitrium will map all the other ports directly to your instance.