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3 - Add your components on Arbitrium

Now that your images are on a repository, you will add them on our platform.

Connect to our dashboard and go on "AOM" Components section#

Open your dashboard and click on "Matchmaker" under "Services" section. Then click on the "Component" button on the top left.



Create new components#

Click on "Create New"


Now you need to fill the fields.

  • Repository is the host of your container repository.
  • Image is the path of your image to the container repository.
  • Tag is your image tag.
  • Environment variables are key/value that will be injected into your components and accessible from environment variables.
  • Private registry credentials are the credentials use to access your image. We recommend you use token/robot like credential. It would be more secure than using your own username/password.

You will need to register all three components.