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3 - Create Your Managed Release


1. Select Matchmaker in the sidebar#


2. Select "details" of your matchmaker#


3. Select "Create new Managed release"#


4. Fill the form#

Release Name: The name of your release (Must be unique)

Configuration Name: The name of your configuration (Must be unique)

MatchmakerConfig: The JSON/YAML configuration of your matchmaker. If you'd like to have a sample configuration and learn about each attributes, click here.

You can fill the form and convert it by clicking on "Form to JSON" or "Form to YAML". You can also enter some JSON or YAML by slecting the appropriate tabs (From JSON, From YAML) and convert it into form by clicking "Load". You can also use the pre-built configuration here

5. Validate your configuration by clicking on "Validate YAML" or "Validate JSON". Correct your configuration if needed#

6. Create your configuration by clicking on "Submit as JSON" or "Submit as YAML"#



You can use this route to create your managed release