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Install Open Match

This tutorial will use Open Match 1.2.0. To install it, you just have to run the following commands

kubectl apply --namespace open-match -f
kubectl apply --namespace open-match -f -f

Now, if you get the pods in Open Match namespace with this commmand

kubectl --namespace open-match get pods

you should see the following pods.

open-match-backend-c8d4dd568-5mt7l 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-backend-c8d4dd568-6jj2b 1/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-backend-c8d4dd568-l5ccz 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-evaluator-68b657c9d9-8lfrr 1/1 Running 0 16s
open-match-evaluator-68b657c9d9-n2ct9 1/1 Running 0 16s
open-match-evaluator-68b657c9d9-q2ghd 1/1 Running 0 16s
open-match-frontend-7d889dfb76-5pdg4 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-frontend-7d889dfb76-759pm 1/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-frontend-7d889dfb76-srs8v 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-query-86d768998d-42fg8 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-query-86d768998d-9tkwl 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-query-86d768998d-q5g7z 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-redis-node-0 3/3 Running 0 19s
open-match-swaggerui-6fcd969ffb-vm28q 0/1 Running 0 20s
open-match-synchronizer-fd959df6d-x29kp 0/1 Running 0 19s
The pods should have different IDs and their status should be running. This process can take a few minutes.