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This tutorial aims to give you the tools to create your OpenMatch and use it with Arbitrium (Edgegap's solution). Like a wise man once said: "Keep it stupid simple." In this tutorial, we will not go in-depth about performances. This code will not be ready for production purposes. However, you should be able to create your production-ready Open Match!


At the end of this tutorial, you will have built 3 components (Director, Front End, Match function) that will run on a local Open Match environment. You will be able to create, get and delete tickets using HTTP requests. Your Matchmaker will match players together and automatically deploy servers on Arbitrium.


Steps to follow#

Do you have any problems? Take a look here!

Plug and play#

If you want to test Open Match without writing a lot of code, you can clone the tutorial from our Github. You just have to follow the from the tutorials/basic-components/[YOUR_PROGRAMMING_LANGUAGE] folder.