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Release 2021-03-09

New ✨#

  • Added the option to deploy to a specific location without taking telemetry data into account.
  • Added a “lock deployment” option if you need to have a deployment remain active. As long as a deployment is locked, the deployment cannot be killed by any requests.
  • Added access to more information inside our BigData repository directly from the Dashboard.
  • Added support for returning information to your matchmaker using a webhook.
  • Added the ability to create tags on your deployments to identify them more easily.

Improvements 💪#

  • Improvements made to the DDOS detection for game servers.
  • Improvements on how we handle traffic coming into our Arbitrium platform to make it faster and more secure.
  • Improved the Documentation.

Fixed ✔#

  • Fixing minor bugs for stability in the backend.