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Advanced Matchmaker Overview

Building a matchmaker is no simple task. There are a lot of components to handle, and what the Edgegap Matchmaker offers is a template that makes the creation process more straightforward. It addresses all the complexity that tends to be the same for every matchmaker. By combining Open Match with Edgegap, we will take care of the backend, infrastructure and automated scaling parts for you. Now, you can concentrate on making the matchmaker do what it needs with these 3 Open Match components: Frontend (Bridge between client and matchmaker), the Match Function (Brain behind the decision) and the Director (Assignment to the game server). As you know, every game is different and can have its way to authenticate a player, create a server, and match players based on skills or game scenarios. You will need to build these three components to fit your specific needs.

What's done for you
  • Synchronization between components
  • Synchronization between Local databases
  • Management of tickets via databases
  • Management of TLS certificate
  • Management of Kubernetes configuration
  • Management of components scaling
  • Management of unhandled tickets
  • Hosting
  • Internet gateway + Domain name
  • Server maintenance
What's left to do
  • Create a matchmaker on Arbitrium
  • Create a advanced release
  • Create Match Function component (Handles matching players)
  • Create Frontend component (Bridge between player and matchmaker)
  • Create Director component (Server deployer and match assigner)
  • Containerize each components
  • Push each components on a container repository (Edgegap Harbor/Docker Hub)
  • Create components on Arbitrium

Let’s start

If you use this solution we recommend you to follow this tutorial. Remember that everything in this tutorial is for learning and testing and is not production-ready. In a production environment, Edgegap will do all the Kubernetes management.

1 - Create Your Components