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We recommend familiarizing yourself with the key concepts outlined here to optimize your interaction with Edgegap's features and APIs.

  • Just-in-time Deployment allows you to launch game servers precisely when and where they are needed. This ensures optimal server locations for low-latency gameplay, providing a superior experience for players worldwide.
  • Applications act as the cornerstone of your projects on Edgegap.They serve as the foundational layer upon which your game is built and deployed.
  • Application Versions refer to the specific container images that are deployed. These versions represent different iterations or updates of your game, allowing for easy management and rollback.
  • The Matchmaker is the mechanism through which studios typically integrate with Edgegap. Once a set of players is selected, the matchmaker communicates with Edgegap's REST API to create a game instance.
  • The Container Registry is the repository where your game's container images are stored. This enables secure, centralized storage and retrieval of your game's deployable components.

Edgegap provides a robust platform for hosting game servers closest to your players. By simply supplying the IP addresses of players for a given match, our decision-making platform measures the optimal location from hundreds of possibilities in real-time. Once the best location is determined, a game server is spawned, ensuring lower lag and a fairer gaming experience for all involved.

If you already have a local game and are looking to transition it to an online environment, Edgegap makes it easy. Integrate your matchmaker with our RESTful API to send player IPs for a match. Our platform will then analyze telemetric data to determine the best server location, providing your matchmaker with the necessary game client information to connect to the server.

Looking to upgrade or replace your existing multiplayer system? Edgegap offers a range of features designed to enhance player experience. Our platform not only selects the best server location but can also monitor each player's network experience in real-time through an optional server-side plugin.

If you're in the initial stages of game development and unsure about multiplayer aspects, Edgegap can help you set up a robust multiplayer system from the get-go. Our platform is compatible with PC, Mobile, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms, and requires no client-side changes.