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Edgegap hosts game servers where your players are. By simply providing your player’s IP address for a given match, Arbitrium (Edgegap’s decision-making platform) will quickly measure the best location out of thousands in real-time. Once selected, Arbitrium will spawn a game server from the best area, and players will enjoy their game with much lower lag and higher fairness.

The integration is done from your matchmaker to Arbitrium using a Restful API. After sending the player’s IP for a match through this API, Arbitrium will collect and analyze the telemetric data from within each location it can access. This telemetry is used among multiple other elements to decide which area is the best for this specific match at this point. Arbitrium will then deploy a game server on this location and reply to the matchmaker with the game client’s information to connect to the server (i.e. IP, ports, etc.). You can find more information in the call-flow section of this documentation.

Through an optional plugin (added to your game server), Arbitrium can also track each player’s experience in real-time from a network perspective. With Edgegap, you don’t need to include anything in the game client. This solution supports PC, Mobile, Xbox and PlayStation platforms.



Edgegap’s solution comprises different elements that play different roles based on the game studio’s use case and desired flow. The components are as follows:


Arbitrium is at the core of the Edgegap platform. This is where our decision-making algorithms, deployment life-cycle management and automated monitoring tools come together to offer game studios and application developers the highest-performing hosting solution on the market.


This web-based user interface allows you to provision your game servers, control the requirements, and manage different versions of your games, among a few other things. You can track ongoing, real-time matches and view matches history.


Arbitrium stores telemetry data before and during matches to track lag and ensure it provides the best possible player experience. It anonymizes data, so it doesn’t store the player’s specific information. The only information it uses at its core is the network status to keep improving the end-users experience.


The Arbitrium Sidecar Agent, or ASA for short, is an agent allowing Arbitrium to track each player’s network telemetry in real-time. ASA will detect and collect data about any anomalies in the network like jitter, lag and packet drop.