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Does this meet your needs

If you are here, it is to learn more about the sessions. Before starting, you absolutely must have explored the deployments.

Here are the links that you need to have previously read: Overview and Getting Started.

Do the sessions meet your needs#

If you are in this section, it is probably because the regular flow of the deployment does not suit you perfectly. Let's quickly recap the flow of deployments.

Here is the flow of a standard deployment. You send us a list of IP addresses, we create a deployment with your app at the best location, and your users connect to it. When the game is over, let us know, and we will delete the deployment. Each game requires a new deployment.


When you ask us to terminate the deployment, we delete your game instance, which is no longer accessible to your players. If you want a new instance of your app for four other players, you'll make another deployment request.


But what if you wanted to make an MMO or an open-world game? You would need to get your players in and out of an instance of your app. In that case, your deployment is more likely to start empty (you open a new server in a new region, for example).


And be filled over time as players come in and out of the deployment.


If you need a more persistent game instance with players coming in and out at all times, you need sessions. In the next section, we will go over the concept of sessions.