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1 - Create Your Studio Profile

First stop, create an account in Edgegap's platform. Afterward, you will be able to log into our dashboard. We offer you two platforms to test your application, staging and console. The Staging environment lets you test that your applications are working with our platform. It should be used as the default platform while the integration of Arbitrium with your matchmaker is still active. The Console environment is our production platform, which means that it is where all of your players will get their excellent game servers deployed.

You can access your dashboard for each environment through the following URL:


To gain access to the staging environment, you will need to contact us.

You will be greeted with a splash page where you can use the credentials provided by the account team to log in or register your own Arbitrium account.


Once in, you will get the main page of the dashboard. Hit your email address in the right corner of the screen. Then you will have the options API Token. This will allow your custom application to use our plugins and some other advanced features.


You will see a small "Create new Token "form on the API token page. Once you select it, you can enter a label for your token (e.g. production, game1, etc.). Note that you can create a token without a label. Once you click on the "create" button, you will see your newly created token; remember that you can create many of them.


You can also manage your token directly on this page. You can delete or disable a token. If you disable it, you can't create a deployment with it. Don't worry. You can reactivate it.


When using it, be sure to leave the "token name" before the rest of the key in your Authorization header.

Voilà, you've created your API Token.