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Getting Started

You have successfully deployed your game in Edgegap. Great! The next step is to automate the deployment for your production traffic. At Edgegap, we have built a custom implementation of the Open Match Project. You can find out more about this open-source matchmaker here.
If you want to learn more about the call flow between the Edgegap Matchmaker and Arbtrium, click here.
Before taking a look at the our matchmaker, make sure you have an application ready to be deployed automatically here.

Edgegap simplifies the construction and management of a matchmaker

2 different solutions to suit your needs#

No-code Managed Matchmaker
  • Create a matchmaker on Arbitrium
  • Create a managed release based on a simple YAML/JSON configuration
  • Everything else is handled by Edgegap
Advanced Matchmaker
  • Create a matchmaker on Arbitrium
  • Create a advanced release
  • Create Match Function component (Handles matching players)
  • Create Frontend component (Bridge between player and matchmaker)
  • Create Director component (Server deployer and match assigner)
  • Containerize each components
  • Push each components on a container repository (Edgegap Harbor/Docker Hub)
  • Create components on Arbitrium

No-code Managed Matchmaker [BETA*]#

This is our simplest matchmaker solution. It's codeless and it lets you create a matchmaker from a simple YAML/JSON configuration. The matchmaker will match players together and deploy a server for them on Edgegap's Arbitrium platform.

Let's start

* This feature is currently in beta. Breaking changes may occur in the process or the YAML/JSON configuration

Advanced solution#

This solution requires advanced knowledge of matchmaker logic, Open Match, Go, Kubernetes, Docker and API calls, but offers complete flexibility. We recommend this solution if the managed matchmaker cannot cover your needs. However, know that you can always get in touch with our support team if the No-code managed matchmaker does not suit your needs, as we are always adding new features.

Let's start